About Bess

Welcome to Bess’ Art Journal!

I am and artist, writer, philosopher and photographer, and pretty much in that order too. All these things have been life-long passions for me and from a very young age. There are other things I do too: I’m a musician, singer/song-writer/pianist, I also speak five and half languages. I’m well travelled; and technically speaking I am multiracial according to a recent genetic test, not just Spanish-English as I once thought. About sixteen years ago I trained and qualified as a silver/metalsmith. About five years ago I began blogging and I also opened up an online jewellery shop. I sold a few pieces, and a few art commissions, but the venture never really took off in the way that I’d hoped, so I shut up shop and focussed my efforts in other directions. I still make jewellery and I still create art, though my art often takes many forms.

Some know me as Maria, others, especially in the world of photography know me as Bess, hence the name of this blog, which has undergone various facelifts since its inception a few years ago.

Bess was a nickname given to me with reference to George Gershwin’s musical, Porgy and Bess, and the name for me stuck as I chose to adopt it as my online photography persona. The nickname involves a love story, and my now husband Bill Jones with whom I co-author another blog, ‘Raw, Naked Art’. Direct links to all my other blogs can be found in the footer bar of this site.

Bess’ Art Journal is where I shall be sharing the kinds of art projects I am working on, and showcasing some of the things I have created. Everything from portrait art to jewellery, to writing about artistic theory, or whatever happens to inspire me with regards to art.

I hope you enjoy this space, and that you stop by to say hi!