The Making of King George

There is something of the opulence of the Victorian/Art Nouveau era that I like about this particular version of my shot of King George V. The flaming oranges are reminiscent of the works of Pre-Raphaelite painters Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema, Frederick Lord Leighton, and Edward Burn Jones. King George V would have been a late contemporary, and as such the blown out effect within the centre of the image is almost a recognition of the passing of one era to another, and the very dramatic change that Europe underwent socially and stylistically as a result of two major wars.

I created several versions of this image, having shot the original just before Christmas 2013, incidentally when I first met the love of my life and photography partner Bill Jones, who was with me at the time. I’m sure he has his own version of this statue too. I have a lot to thank him for if I think about it. Had we not met, I probably would not have pursued photography in the way that I have in the past year and a half. It certainly wouldn’t have occurred to me to experiment with artistic effects, I do believe he introduced me to this wonderful phenomenon.

In rendering what I call a ‘painted’ version of a photographic image, the process can be lengthy and highly experimental. I’ve been asked by a few people now to explain the process, and it’s no secret, but much of the magic is in the trial and error, in pursuing a version of the finished image that I might have in my head. King George has been quite a tricky customer, involving much patience and perseverance on the part of the artist. Suffice to say, I always find myself surprised at the end result, and as such I have three versions of this particular shot that I like for various reasons. I’ve included the original shot in the gallery below so that you can see the transformation involved.


8 comments on “The Making of King George

  1. Hi lovely Bess
    I truly love these images and they have indeed been further complimented by your historical references.
    It’s always a source if fascination to me when soul mates through whichever path in life; somehow interlink and encourage a passion which otherwise could so easily have been left dormant.
    Whatever it is photography is meant to convey to its appreciators; I believe that both collectively and as individuals you would both seem to have struck that elusive golden

    • Your lovely comments this morning made my day! I’m pleased you are enjoying my artistic efforts so far, comments such as yours makes all the more worth while. You are very kind, and your friendship is much appreciated Bob. The Universe has a funny way of steering you in certain directions sometimes. I’m glad it steered me here. 🙂
      Take care Bob, enjoy the rest of your evening.
      Bess x

  2. I like the original and especially the image you selected. King George looks a ghost, bursting through from his orange purgatory to invade our realm. Of course, I mostly love it because it’s you and shows your creative vision. Your painted photos give me a peek into the kind of painting you might do. 🙂

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